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Slovenia - motorways 2022

Toll stickers for Slovenia have also been available as e-vignettes over the internet since December 2021. Classic stickers are only available for 2022 with week and month validity.

E-vignettes can be purchased in all lengths directly at

From 1st of July 2008, toll stickers (vinjete) for passenger cars, vehicles up to 3.5 tons and motorcycles have been introduced on motorways and expressways in Slovenia. The toll system remains in force for trucks over 3.5 tonnes.

It is possible to by toll stickers only for 1 week, 1 month and 1 year for cars up to 3,5 tons. Motocycles have toll stickers for 1 week, 6 months and 1 year.

The stickers can be purchased at petrol stations in Slovenia and neighboring countries.

In 2014, vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes were split according to the height above the front axis (see the list)!!!
Type of sticker (source: cars
up to 3,5 tons 

up to 130cm
vehicle height
above front axis
up to 3,5 tons 

above 130cm
vehicle height
above front axis
 1 year (calendar year)
 valid from 1st of December of past calendar year
 till 31st of January of next calendar year
110 EUR220 EUR55 EUR
 1/2 year
 valid for 6 months from the date marked at the sticker
-30 EUR
 1 month
 valid for 1 month from the date marked at the sticker
30 EUR60 EUR-
 1 week
 valid for 7 days from the date marked at the sticker
15 EUR30 EUR7,50 EUR

The list of measured vehicles 2B HERE

The map of paid sections of motorways is possible to download HERE

Toll sticker is NON-negotiable between cars!!! The fee for driving car without sticker is between 300-500 EUR!!!

We expect that implementation of this system makes complications in transit through Slovenia, special at the direction Graz – Maribor – Zagreb, because lot of drivers try to drive around the paid area.

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