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Croatia - Information for drivers, petrol prices

If you travel by car you need valid driving licence, certificate about technical condition of car and green card. If you travel by rent car, you will need authenticated by a notary public agreement of car’s owner.

Allowed speed:
 Village - 50 km/h
 Outside village - 90 km/h, with trailer - 80 km/h
 Road for motor’s vehicles - 110 km/h, with trailer - 80 km/h
 Highway - 130 km/h, with trailer - 80 km/h

Alcohol tolerance:
 Law allowed max. 0,5 per mille of alcohol in blood, if the driver goes without an accident. In case of accident the penalty is increased. The alcohol isn´t allowed for young drivers upto 24 years and professional drivers.
Less then 0,5 per mille – fee 700 kuna
0,5 – 1 per mille – fee 1000-2000 kuna
1 – 1,5 per mille – fee 2000-5000 kuna
More then 1,5 per mille – fee 5000-15000 kuna or upto 60 days of imprisonment.

Other obligations and possible fines:
 Using a mobile phone while driving is forbidden (fine up to 1500 HRK).
 The use of a seat belt is obligatory (a fine for an unfastened seat belt of up to 1000 HRK) and a reflective vest is a mandatory feature of the vehicle.
 Driving with daytime running lights on is only mandatory during winter time.
 It is forbidden to carry children under 12 years and under 18 when they are less than 150cm on the passenger seat. Baby car seats are mandatory for the carriage of a child under 5 years of age.
 Passing an intersection at a red fine of 10.000 to 20.000 HRK.
 Not stopping red at the crossing fine of 3.000 to 7.000 HRK.
 An unreasonable ride in the left lane on the highway fine up to 2.000 HRK.

Fees for speeding:
 300 kuna – if you get over the speed limit 0 - 10 km/h in village
 500 kuna - if you get over the speed limit 10 – 20 km/h in village, outside village 10 – 30 km/h
 1000 kuna – if you get over the speed limit 20 - 30 km/h in village, outside village 30 - 50 km/h
 2000 kuna – if you get over the speed limit 30 - 50 km/h in village
 5000-15000 kuna or upto 60 days of imprisonment – if you get over the speed limit more then 50 km/h in village or outside village

PETROL PRICES - 18.8.2023
 Natural 95 1.670 EUR 39.40 CZK 1.690 EUR 1.570 EUR 634.0 HUF 1.550 EUR
 Diesel 1.690 EUR 37.50 CZK 1.610 EUR 1.600 EUR 646.0 HUF 1.610 EUR
 LPG - 14.80 CZK 0.690 EUR 0.880 EUR 320.0 HUF 0.870 EUR

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Assistance number at roads is 987 (HAK – Chroatian automobile club)
Another important phone numbers: police – 92, firefihters – 93, ambulance – 94

In the case of car accident when the car is little destroyed, is necessary to call police. They need to write report. Without this report, they do not let destroyed car leave the country.

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